PC/Laptop Advice:

If your PC or Laptop is running slow there could be several possible reasons.


A common cause of performance loss caused by Adaware, Spyware, Virus's and Trojan programs.

Startup Programs

Many programs run their service from when the machine starts up, this is not always necessary and consumes computer resources.

Hardware Malfunction

Defective Memory or a Hard Drive on its way out could affect speed and stability of the machine.

Visit our Downloads page for some handy tools to help you maintain your machine.

Before you call


Exclamation markBefore you contact us, it would be useful to spend a few minutes collecting as many details as possible from the list below. This will aid us with fault diagnosis and preparation for when we visit you.


  • Make and model of the equipment (PC, Laptop, Printer ect)
  • The behaviour of the equipment
  • Changes made to the equipment recently (including software)
  • Is the equipment under warranty
  • Are recovery disks or the original software disks available
  • Usernames and passwords for equipment or broadband accounts


Contact Us

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